Hallmark pre-calculated GeneQeury results

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This is the output of all MsigDB «hallmark» genesets that was returned by GeneQuery when searched against all three available databases (human, mouse, and rat).
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Number of significant results returned for each geneset is given below.


Database that is behind GeneQuery is collected for each species into GMT-like files. Each line of such file has the following format:

GSE1001_GPL85#2 690229,688721,688429,687346,685883,685867,...

  • GSE1001_GPL85#2 – module identifier (GSE1001 – series, GPL85 – platform, 2 – module number);
  • 690229,688721,688429,... – comma-separated module genes' Entrez IDs;
  • module identifier is separated from genes with TAB.
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GeneQuery: console version

Please, check out documentation on our github repository.
For running command line version of GeneQuery you will need following files: